Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010 (Caution: Crazy Notion Ahead)

If there were one thing I'd do to change the world, I think I'd remove all the narrow-minded thinkers. It'd be a herculean task, after all there are so many, but a genocide is in order from where I view things via the morning newspaper. Talk about who's responsible for the gushing oil well, blame put on the party seated at the table by ones who didn't have a shot in hell of ever receiving such a position. Sara Palin, need I say more? Yes, in a nutshell she's certifiably nuts, her life one cashew short of a reality series. Not that I wish her eradication from the planet, but I feel the need to slap a giant swath of duct tape across her mouth, a permanent security that would keep her worthless words at bay. Perhaps genocide of the narrow-minded is a crazy notion, but why is it that all the good people are the ones scrutinized and killed off?

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