Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Save It

I checked in with the cyber-world, and as usual, it left me feeling worse than before checking into cyber-world. Mending fences is for the open minded, kind-hearted, but unanswered wiring is cruel, obnoxious, and revealing. If grudges are meant to be, they will fester until implosion. I never meant to hurt anyone; my opinions made on a "live and let live" basis. Uncommunicative people have a way of sending the message in a cowardice sort of way. No guts, no forgiveness. But will my soul offer me a bit of luck? Change the tumblers in my favor? Will I find truth in my words, faith in others? Can anything change the fates' ideas, or are they as haphazard as me? Questions continue to torture my spirit, making me question my feelings, thoughts, choices. A dark pit burning like the last coal of yesterday's bonfire. Why can't people live, learn and offer kindness rather than march to the murderous drummer? Maybe I'm Pollyanna, but it's better to offer peace, give into what's honorable rather than hold bitter feelings as a badge of honor.